Midi Accordions

Midi Accordion

Midi Accordion

Acoustically this is the finest accordion that I have had the pleasure of playing in 50 years of working with the accordion. The action is crisp, clean, and extremely fast. The reeds are so good that you can feel the vibration in your fingertips when playing a 5 finger chord. The overall sound of the accordion is the best you will ever hear. Electronically, our new technology uses touchless magnets for both treble and bass. It has 256 programmable user programs for custom programming, including 64 factory presets ready to play without any programming.

This new unit features volume in the bellows for dynamics, including accents. Each unit comes complete with volume pedal and four programmable foot switches, each with multiple functions including, octave up or down, Leslie, sustain, trouble switching, and more. These units incorporate the best application available for both treble and bass reeds. The bass reed amplification is especially good owing to the fact that the bass pickup is located inside the bass side bellows not outside but most competing models.

— Mike Aman


  • 4/5 sets of the best grade of handmade reeds, 11+ M/6 switches tone chamber