ProSeries: ProMusette

Pro Musette

Pro Musette

The Monarch ProMusette accordion has lightning fast action with the world’s most responsive reeds.

The first thing you’ll notice about the ProMusette is how comfortable it feels when you put it on. The action on both hands is simply superb.
Close collaboration between Mike Aman and the tuner in Italy has resulted in the finest sounding musette accordion you will ever hear.
Both Italian tremolo and French musette switches add a lot of variety in color to this beautiful instrument.

Check our price for the world’s best sounding musette accordion!

  • 4/5 sets of hand made reeds
  • 41 treble keys/120 basses
  • 11+palm master/6 bass switches
  • 25.1lbs
  • white pearl treble keys and white pearl bass buttons
  • This model is also available with dry tuning and also double tone chamber